Singer and Performer

A voice beyond her years.

Gina got her start in music by performing the National Anthem.  Her very first performance was for the Houston Astros at age 6. Since then, she has performed across the country for major sporting events, including the NBA Finals.  She sings with a power and grace beyond her years and fans have watched her grow and transform from a child singer, into a graceful and powerful young woman.  She continues to perform at major venues on a regular basis and finds it extremely rewarding to honor her country with every note.

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About Gina Marie Incandela

Gina was diagnosed with a form of autism at age 2.  She was unable to speak until age 3.  She was immersed in multiple therapies, including music therapy and she went on to find her voice in a BIG way.  She loves inspiring others to reach for their dreams, regardless of obstacles.  She has been deemed a “true inspiration” by those close to her and is the recipient of numerous awards for her community service.

Gina started performing the National Anthem at season games for professional teams in Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, US Open Tennis Championships, and National Basketball Association at age 6.  By Age 13, she had performed the National Anthem over 100 times.

At age 7, Gina performed the National Anthem for the Orlando Magic in three games of the NBA Finals.  The live performances were broadcast internationally, and she received acclaims from across the world for her inspiring performances.

Besides singing, Gina attends school and is an honor student.  She takes her academics as seriously as she takes her music.  Crazy as it sounds….she loves school.

Her favorite hobby is shopping.  She feels very strongly that “you can’t have too many pairs of shoes.”  She also loves to exercise and hang out with her friends.  Despite all the performances, she describes her life as that of a “typical teenager”.

She is a serious reader.  Her library card is heavily used and anywhere she goes, she takes a book with her.  Favorite books are love stories and thriller novels.

How she feels about having a form autism:

“It’s part of who I am.  I don’t mind talking about it.  Sometimes, it’s harder for me to express myself sometimes and I may not pick up on verbal cues or facial expressions as easily as someone else, but it’s OK to be different.  I want other kids to understand that.  I never let it stop me from doing anything I want to do.  We all have our challenges and you have to just believe in yourself and go for it.”.

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